Having been in business for more than a decade, T&W Operations’ driving force is to ensure we not only meet but exceed our and our customer’s expectations. Through the years we have seen variations in our business structure and customer base, but our primary focus has been government contract support in the IT and logistics arena. Recently LRHc has acquired both T&W Operations and RFID Inventory Systems resulting in a powerful set of resources capable of complete transformations with the latest in inventory control technology to bring unrivaled accuracy and cost reductions to your operations. This capability extends across most any environment that requires items of value be tracked and controlled.  The applications for our patented solutions are endless.

From our base of operations in Huntsville, Alabama we bring a vast array of expertise necessary to provide you with the support of your most important projects. Our proven skills in program management will allow us to resolve your most complex issues and get you to the highest level of efficiency in operational excellence. We invite you to review the array of information, video demonstrations and products available on this site. Additionally, we are always available for live product demos and site surveys to provide you a complete analysis of how T&W Operations can employee the latest in RFID technology to address your asset management improvement opportunities. 

T&W Operations is ISO-9001:2015 Certified, a globally-accepted set of procedures, processes, and practices that help businesses provide quality products and services that meet customer and regulatory requirements. Certification to ISO-9001:2015 provides proof of a company’s commitment to quality and their focus on continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.


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Corporate Office

430 Wynn Dr NW, Huntsville, AL 35805

(256) 535-0857

T&W Operations is committed to meeting customer requirements by implementing our quality objectives and complying with internal and external requirements while continually improving our Quality Management System.