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You spend the time and effort to make sure your warehouse is in order and everything is in its proper place. Each item is logged into each shelf and everything is accounted for. You can go home and rest easy knowing that your hard work will pay off.

The next day, all of your hard work has been undone and nothing is where it should be. Shouldn’t there be a better way to do this?

Many people can relate to this problem, but the good news is that there is a better way. Using RFID technology can revolutionize the way that you maintain your inventory and workspace. But at T&W Operations, we take it a step further. We not only maintain inventory but with our 3D Asset Locator, we create a real-time 3D layout of your warehouse or stockroom and give you the ability to see your inventory in a 3D space. This cuts down on unutilized space, man-hours, and inventory shrinkage.

So how does 3D Asset Locator work? Our RFID Inventory Management System creates a model of your workspace and generates a report of your assets. Then, the 3D Asset Locator uses the data from that report to show the physical location of each asset. You can then navigate through a virtual version of your facility. Using the asset number or the RFID tag ID, the 3D Asset Locator can show you an asset’s exact location.

Having a digital layout of your facility can improve your business in many ways. First, the 3D Asset Locator helps to maximize unutilized space. With the ability to see your warehouse or stockroom as a whole, you can identify areas that are either not in use, or that can be used better. We can help you know your facility better and know how to use it better.

Second, our system can reduce man-hours and free up you and your staff to focus on other aspects of your business. We have saved businesses thousands of hours worth of manpower with our systems. By utilizing RFID tags and readers, your inventory can be completed in a fraction of the time it would normally take.

Finally, using T&W’s RFID technology can help reduce inventory shrinkage. Our Inventory Management System keeps an up to date inventory of your whole facility while the 3D Asset Locator will assist in resolving any discrepancies that may arise. As soon as there is an issue, it can be identified and resolved, resulting in more accurate inventories and reduced shrink.

At T&W Operations, we want to provide you with the solutions to make your business better. With our 3D Asset Locator, paired with our Inventory Management System, we can change the way you think about inventory. Contact us today to set up a demonstration and see what we can do for you.