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Last month, we were able to meet several new faces and names at MODEX 2020 in Atlanta. We demonstrated our patented processes and solutions in RFID technology. If you have items and processes that you need to track, we can develop a solution that will benefit you by increasing efficiencies, decreasing costs, and give better overall visibility into inventory accuracy to your 3D or 2D environment. We also had our tower inventory system on display, which is utilized in a warehouse environment. It can be moved around with any different kinds of conveyance. Our typical customers are using forklifts to maneuver it around. It provides accurate inventory instantaneously. In addition, we can give you a real time tracking system for all your inventory. The portal system allows us to demonstrate products being loaded into or off a vehicle moving from one facility to another or between other onsite facilities by keeping track of all the information that’s being moved all within real time.

Whether you are a business with a small inventory or a large corporation with multiple warehouses, we can help you streamline your inventory processes. For any questions, please contact our office at 256-535-0857.