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Your time is important. There are aspects of your business that need your constant attention. You and your employees have more important things to focus on than counting inventory in the stockroom. T&W Operations has the answer for you.

We use radio-frequency identification (RFID) to track and maintain inventory in any warehouse environment. RFID uses electromagnetic fields to detect tags that attach to objects. The RFID tag sends information to a reader without the need to physically scan a bar code. This means that your inventory can be tracked by simply moving a reader near an item.

At T&W Operations, we take it a step further. With our Tower Inventory System you can take a total inventory of your warehouse or stockroom in a single pass, reducing the time that employees have to spend counting while also reducing the opportunities for error. We also offer handheld devices to help locate inventory in your stockroom or warehouse, and printers to make custom RFID tags for all of your inventory.


T&W Operations can provide your business with the software and hardware you need to upgrade your inventory management system. We will work with you to provide customized equipment and processes to meet the needs of your business. We are also able to provide you with a 3D model of your warehouse that will give you complete inventory visibility at any moment.

We offer real-time inventory solutions to change the way you do business. T&W Operations is the answer to getting you out of the stockroom and back to your business. Schedule a demonstration today to see how we can help you.