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What differentiates T&W Operations from our competitors is that our approach is multifaceted as we provide subject matter experts to work side by side with your team to not only develop new business processes but enhance your current processes in Warehouse Management.

Additionally, we bring hardware solutions in our Tower Inventory System, portals and tunnels that integrates RFID and IUID into any warehouse environment providing a much higher level of accuracy in inventory management and control.

T&W Operations also supplies the software and middleware with the ability to interface to any existing MRP system giving you better visibility into your complete inventory position.

We have many standard and customizable dashboards to allow better visibility providing better decision making and a much more enhanced operational capability.

We provide complete project management giving enhanced visibility into the project portals as we move your warehouse through a complete transformation.

What makes the Tower Inventory System unique is our fully self-contained, patented hardware and copyrighted software solution which manages inventory passing portals or tunnels as well as an approach to track stationary inventory.

This gives you a means for rapid, non-stop inventory and instant reconciliation. Our equipment is also fully customizable to your needs and the configurations of your warehouse.

Many of the benefits that customers have related are:

  • increased operational uptime optimizing maintenance overhead and reducing the work order time to repair,
  • elimination of duplicate inventories,
  • increased real time reporting capabilities
  • and a real time level of repair analysis

We’ve also been able to:

  • minimize manpower deficiencies,
  • improved configuration control
  • and reduced logistics delay times optimizing operational costs.

Another benefit only available from T&W Operations is a 3D model of your warehouse providing complete inventory visibility at any given moment depicting asset location of misplaced or lost items for quick reconciliations and location of assets.


These many benefits coupled with our proven inventory accuracy at 98.8% or better, have provided our customers inventory accuracy levels that are second to none.

The T&W Operations approach brings automation and smart solutions in warehouse management inventory control.

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