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In a world where less contact will be better or necessary!

T & W can offer you a complete solution utilizing our software, RFID, TIS & 3-D asset location. We need to join forces and move quickly into a new way of looking at things.  We know that we will move differently and act differently. Where a hands-on inventory was mandatory, we provide a completely hands-free inventory.  From employees clocking in to doing a complete inventory hands free and handhelds that provide maximum protection against the spread of bacteria.  Our process reduces manpower hours drastically so they can be used in other areas demanding more attention.  Face it, things are different. We will all have to a new way of thinking and a plan. Let us provide the tools you will need to move forward.  

Unlike Barcodes, RFID labels and readers quickly, accurately & automatically capture information through programmable labels that do not require visible tags or labels and communicate that to a computer host that processes the data. 

  • Compliance Labeling is now a requirement
  • Improve receiving Dock Productivity
  • Balance raw material inventories
  • Simplify picking tasks
  • Streamline work-in-progress (WIP)
  • Enhance Product Identification Accuracy
  • Complete Packing and Finished Goods Faster
  • Fulfill and track shipping orders
  • Expand customer service

T & W Operations is proud to announce our new partnership with Zebra Technologies. RFID Solutions that provide unmatched ROI by reducing data entry and processing times, thus improving data quality and the performance of business systems.  As a result, enterprises can track items accurately and achieve supply chain visibility. Manufacturing operations can gain tighter process optimization. You will have greater control from receiving inventory, to picking, shipping. Bottom line results are clear- reduced costs, leaner production, and higher profitability.