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What a Year!

There aren’t many that will be sad to see 2020 end. We have been met with challenges that most of us

never thought we’d have to face. Though 2020 had brought many setbacks, this year has provided

opportunities to grow. As you gear up for a new year, team up with a company that can give you an

edge in the new year.

T&W Operations focuses on the limitlessness of RFID technology. Whatever your business, T&W has a system that can revolutionize your approach and streamline your workflow.


Spending hours counting inventory by hand is a thing of the past, with our Tower and Portal Systems we

can automate the way you keep track of your inventory. Our Portals can track assets as they come into

your facility. Towers provide an up to date count of all tagged items within your warehouse or

stockroom. After the inventory is recorded, we offer a 3D Asset Locator that creates a three-dimensional

rendering of your facility you can search for items with ease. T&W’s Systems can provide you with

complete accuracy and visibility of all inventory in your workspace.

Office/small facility

Even if you don’t have a warehouse or large facility you may still need to maintain and track assets

throughout your workspace. Our Office Asset Tracking System (OATS) maps out a blueprint of your

facility. With this map, you can view individual assets throughout your facility and track them from room

to room. The software allows users to check out items based on their needs. OATS is the perfect solution

for your office or small business tracking needs.

Multiple Locations

Tracking inventory and assets across multiple locations can be challenging. T&W has the solution. Our

inventory Systems can work together across multiple locations to provide accurate, real-time monitoring

of assets and inventory. All you need is access to the internet and our software can make a

comprehensive inventory of all tagged assets, wherever they may be.

Whether you have a large facility, a small facility, or multiple facilities, T&W Operations has the solution

for you. Start this new year on the right foot. Start with T&W Operations.