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The Tower Inventory System

T&W Operations’ Tower Inventory System, or TIS, is a portable and customizable inventory system that provides nonstop inventory that is accurate and efficient. The TIS uses RFID tracking to maintain a real-time inventory or everything in your stockroom or warehouse. With the TIS, you can maintain the integrity and organization of your workspace without adding unnecessary manhours. The T&W Operations Tower Inventory System is the answer to your inventory needs.

How does it work?


The TIS tracks items by using RFID tags, so the first step is to make sure each item that you want to be counted and tracked is labeled with an RFID tag. As part of the Tower Inventory System, you will receive an RFID printer that programs the radio transmitter within each tag. The tags are printed and programed with unique numbers, item descriptions, and inventory dates before being applied to the corresponding item. Once everything is correctly labeled, you move on to reading.


The main hardware with the Tower Inventory System is of course the Tower. The Tower is equipped with RFID antennas that communicate with the RFID tags. The Tower sits on a movable base that can be taken throughout your stockroom or warehouse. As the Tower passes by it reads the radio signal transmitted by the tags. The information that the Tower receives is stored and used to create a 3D map to accurately track assets throughout your facility.


After the information from the RFID labels is read by the Tower, it is loaded into the TIS 3D software which creates a 3D map of the workspace. This map shows the location of each individual asset that is labeled. Using this map, you can view your entire inventory at a glance. T&W Operations also offers a mobile version of the TIS software called the TIS Mobile.

How Can It Work For You?

The Tower Inventory System can revolutionize the way you do business no matter what your size or needs. The TIS can be customized to fit the needs of your business. From the color to the size, from manual to automated, you can get a system that reflects your needs. Contact us today to see how we can fit for you.